Electrical devices & Electric boards

■ Our company is manufacturing not only standard units (equipped with standard electrical wiring and standard regulation), but also units provided with custom made electric and power control boards.

■ Thanks to the active cooperation with our clients and to the careful analysis of the requests, we acquired a significant experience in the manufacturing of any electrical wiring.

■ Available wide range of devices (autotransformers, transformers, differential pressure switches, thermostats, electrical heaters, relays, contactors, magnetothermic switch, inverter, etc..) frequently requested and used:

– To realise regulation systems or custom made electrical wiring

– To satisfy specific requests/needs of the client/user

– To provide additional contacts, alarms, according to the needs, etc.

■ Available electric controls and power boards also for electric motors and electrical heaters.

■ Highly qualified personnel will install the required equipment and composes configurations according to predefined electrical wiring, providing clients with a complete, functional, tested and manufactured in a workmanlike product in accordance to the electrical norms and safety regulations.

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