Water cassette units

■ Unit suitable for installation on false ceiling 600 mm x 600 mm (European standard) (*).
■ Air supply fins on the 4 directions, adjustable.
■ Fan section including 1 centrifugal fan with single air inlet. Fan made of ABS, specially designed for this application, directly coupled to the electric motor.

■ Mounted on elastic and anti vibration supports.
■ 7 speeds fan (3 speeds connected in the factory).
■ Highly efficient coil.
■ Drain pan made of Polystyrene, made in one piece by injection (without dangerous junctions).

■ Condensate pump including floater and not-return valve.
■ High efficiency air filter, easily removable and cleanable.
■ Pre-disposal of 1 external air intake and 2 additional treated air supply.

■ Wide variety of models, accessories, solutions.
■ Control with wired remote control or I.R. control (accessories).
■ Working with water temperature limit 80°C.

(*) Some models have a different dimensions (600 x 1.200).

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