▣ ACTIONclima L-M-H

■ A huge range of motorizations is available “L-M-H” able can satisfy any air performance request “ESP-Qa (Qa= air flow ; ESP= static pressure).

■ The Motorizations consist of: 1 400Vac three-phase motor + 1 centrifugal fan + 1 motor-pulley + 1 fan belt, sled motor support, anti-vibration, brackets, it is a complete fan section with exclusion of the Box only (casing) only.

■ Available the following motorizations with 400Vac three-phase motor + belt/pulley transmission (3 range “L-M-H”):
– Motorizations “L” (Low): Fans with forward blades, suitable for low pressures from 30-1000 Pa. Rectangular outlet.
– Motorizations “M” (Medium): Fans with forward blades, suitable for medium pressures from 30-1500 Pa. Square outlet.
– Motorizations “H” (High): Fans with reverse blades, suitable for high pressure, 600-2500 Pa. Square outlet.

■ Available also the following motorizations with 230Vac mono-phase motor: asynchronous 6-pole (max 900 RPM = extremely silent unit), asynchronous 4-pole (max 1400 RPM = high static pressure unit) and BRUSHLESS.

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