Big Thermo-Ventilating units

■ These units are realised according with the BBT Technology: internal frame, provided with thermally insulated corner profiles, guaranteeing the absence of thermal bridges.

■ These units are veritable Air handling units, designed as catalogue products like simple fan-coil units.

■ They are not proposed as complete units, but rather in separate compatible sections: combining the different sections (standardized as catalogue products) the unit can be freely configured according to customer specifications, with unlimited number of combinations with the typical flexibility of the air-handling units.

■ Available “L” motorization (Low static pressure), “M” motorization (Medium static pressure) and “H” motorization (High static pressure), with 400Vac three-phase motor + belt/pulley transmission.

■ Available also “D” motorization with 230Vac mono-phase motor directly coupled with the fan (both 6-pole and 4-pole).

■ Available units/sections with 2, 3 (or 4) and 6 rows water coils.

■ Available versions in galvanized steel, pre-painted steel and double panel.

■ Wide range of sizes, sections, accessories, Vertical/Horizontal solutions.

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▣ Download technical manuals for UTH series

Product Datasheet for UTH series (eng/it) – Download from here
General Product Guide for UTH (1) series (eng/it) – Download from here
General Product Guide for UTH (2) series (eng/it) – Download from here
Product Installation Guide for UTH series (eng/it) – Download from here

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