Terminal units Slim/Reduced

■ These units are realised with SST Technology: technology with self-supporting panels, without frame and without thermal bridges.
■ Only 250 mm width on the all range! (ref. single skin panel versions).
■ Available versions in galvanized steel, pre-painted steel and double panel.
■ Fan deck including centrifugal fans with double air inlet blades directly coupled to the 3-speed 230Vac mono-phase electric motor.

■ Highly efficient coil.
■ Right or Left hydraulic connections + on site reversibility.
■ Double inclination drain pan for optimised condensate drainage.

■ Wide range of sizes, models, versions, sections, accessories, solutions.

■ Free configurability and compositions of the different sections according with the customer requirements.

■ Possibility to connect to ducts or direct room installation.
■ Wide range of control panels and regulation systems.

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