▣ ACTIONclima XA
Ventilating Boxes

■ Each time an industrial gate is opened, the internal air temperature decreases by several degrees. These temperature changes affect the heating expenses and the people comfort. Our air barriers avoid the heat losses through the gates, with large energy saving.

■ The air barriers guarantee a thermal recovery double effect:
■ Prevents the warm air losses on the outside The air from the upper side of the room (already warm) is used, and blown downward.
■ 230Vac mono-phase electric motor, 3-speed.
■ Wide range of models, versions, accessories, solutions:

■ only air versions.
■ electrical heater versions (230Vac and 400Vac).
■ water coil versions.
■ The adjustable bracket (included with the standard unit) allows different orientation to suit the different doors characteristics.
■ With multiple air-barrier installation, any different door length can be covered.

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Product Datasheet for XA series (eng/it) – Download from here
General Product Guide for XA series (eng/it) – Download from here
Product User Guide for XA-A series (eng/it) – Download from here
Product User Guide for XA-E series (eng/it) – Download from here

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