▣ ACTIONclima XD

■ Our destratificators are ideal for industrial and commercial halls ceiling installation and for stratified warm air thermal recovery.

■ They produce high energy saving (= heating cost saving) up to 40%

■ They allow to use the warm air where people are actually staying and they guarantee a thermal gradient lower than 0,15 °C per meter.

■ They guarantee uniform heat distribution, producing more healthy and comfortable environment (avoiding troublesome air currents and avoiding areas with warm and humid air), for improved physiological comfort.

■ They also allow the heat recover produced by eventual technological installations (ovens, dryers, etc.) reducing the heat requirement.

■ They allow quick air exchange reducing the exhausts and smells concentration.

■ During summer pleasant air movement is guaranteeds.

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Product Datasheet for XD series (eng/it) – Download from here
General Product Guide for XD series (eng/it) – Download from here
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