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▣ ACTIONclima service
Technical support and products service.

■ ACTIONclima is a Customer Oriented Company, and that’s why in our team we consider the customer service as a fundamental VALUE: a qualified team of technicians, constantly trained and updated is available at any time to take care of all your inquiries, to be helpful for any doubt or problem.

■ Our units are relatively simple, built with modern technologies assuring high efficiency and long durability: if the units are properly selected and installed, they will not give any trouble.

■ Main features to prevent any inconvenience in working conditions and to assure long-lasting operation, are:

– Correct installation which has to be done according with “state of the art” and according with instructions mentioned in our Installation, Use and Maintenance Manual;
– Unit first start and installation test must be provided by qualified and specialised personnel;
– Respect of the ordinary maintenance;
– Yearly control to be done by qualified and specialised personnel;
– To keep units working inside the indicated working limits;
– Correct use of the unit, inside the design limits.

Service ACTIONclima
■ For any further information, we recommend you to refer to the Installation, Use and Maintenance Manual (supplied with each unit). Before asking the support of our technical assistance it’s recommended to make some preliminary checks following carefully the instructions mentioned in our Installation, Use and Maintenance Manual (specially referring to the sections: “Failure research” – “Improper uses” – “Ordinary Maintenance” – etc.): it’s usually enough to exclude some simple inconveniences. If the inconvenience would persist, the assistance will be guaranteed by the installer who made the installation.

■ If case of further need you can contact ACTIONclima Romania by phone or e-mail. In order to facilitate our personnel, before contacting the ACTIONclima technical assistance, be sure to have available following documentation of the unit and possibly:

– Unit model;
– Matricular number and installation period;
– Purchase document (invoice or purchase receipt);
– Brief description of the installation and kind of inconvenience;
– Any additional useful documentation and information, to have fast inconvenience solution.